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SKYLINE #3 FireCracker, "The Boys Cosplay Pre-Order

SKYLINE #3 FireCracker, "The Boys Cosplay Pre-Order

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Cover- Sidney Augusto, Creator & Story- Rj Corriere, Inks & Story- Branden Sanderson, Interior colors- Katie imbro

Print Count as Follows

  • Regular Paper 75 per Variant plus GC1
  • Foils 10 per Variant plus GC1 
  • Metals 5 per Variant plus GC1
  • There will be specialty covers not offered at this time. 
  • Foils & Metal will for now on not be numbered Front but will have limited to # on Back Cover.

Skyline 3 is just about done. Giving you a chance to Pre-Order this Fantastic Cover. I am no longer giving ship Date being its con season, Most the time once order is Placed it takes 2-3 weeks give or take. Please do not order if you are not willing to wait. We will ship no orders out until we can complete entire order.

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