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SKYLINE #3 Foils Mariette "Blade Runner"

SKYLINE #3 Foils Mariette "Blade Runner"

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Cover- Fernando Rocha, Creator & Story- Rj Corriere, Inks & Story- Branden Sanderson, Interior colors- Katie imbro

Print Count as Follows

  • Regular Paper 100 per Variant, Full Naughty Pubic Variants will be Limited to 25 Plus a GC1
  • Foils 10 per Variant numbered front, Plus a GC1
  • Metals 10 per Variant numbered front, Plus a GC1
  • There will be specialty covers not offered at this time. Foils and Metals will be numbered front.

Anticipated time to ship will be around 2nd Week June 2024. Please do not order if you are not willing to wait.

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