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Skyline 2, Tifa Lockhart FF Cosplay Skirt Edition

Skyline 2, Tifa Lockhart FF Cosplay Skirt Edition

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Cover- Sidney Augusto

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Print Runs

  • Regular Papers will be Limited to 125 each Variant except for the Skirt Sets they will be numbered front and Limited to 25 sets.
  • Foils Limited to 10 Numbered Sets Except for the Skirt Edition Sets They will be Limited to 5 sets numbered front.
  • Metals Will be limited to 10 Except For the Skirt Edition sets they will be numbered to 5
  • There will be specialty covers printed but not offered at this time.

Anticipated time to Ship  2nd week April 2024, Metals about 2 weeks longer. Plz do not order if you can not wait. Orders will be shipped once we can fill your complete order.

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