Skyline 2, Nice Fairy



Cover- Elias Chatzoudis,  Creator & Story- Rj Corriere, Inks & Story- Branden Sanderson, Interior colors- Katie imbro

Print Count as Follows,  Regular Paper 100 per Variant plus GC1 to GC3, Closeup Variants limited to 25 plus GC1 to GC3,  Foils 20 per Variant plus GC1 to GC3 Closeup Variants Limted to 10 plus GC1 to GC3, Metals 10 per Variant plus GC1 to GC3 Closeup Variants Limited to 5 plus GC1 to GC3 ,  There will be specialty covers not offered at this time. All foils and Metals will be numbered front.

These have been ordered ans should be available to ship. Febuary 26th 2024


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Trade, Virgin, Topless, Closeup Nice, Closeup Topless, Foil Virgin, Foil Topless, Foil Closeup Topless, Metal Virgin, Metal Topless, Metal Closeup Topless