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Skyline 1, Sgirl Christmas



Cover- Narcelio

We decided to give a gift and lower our normal prices for the Holiday on this book.

Print has been ordered and also the boxes, Hoping to be able to ship before the Christmas Holiday but no gaurantee shop will be closed from the 22nd to the 27th of December. There will be 35 Regular Paper box sets, 10 Foil box sets. Print run as follows. Regular Papers- 100 copies per variant, Foils – 20 copies per variant numbered front, Metals 10 copies per variant numbered front. Nude Regular Paper will have 35 copies numbered front that will go in boxes, Nude foil will have 10 copies numbered front that will go in Foil boxes, There will be 3 Retailer proof per Variant and treatment number GC1 to GC3, specialty covers will be numbered front #1/1 no retailer copies.

Regular Paper Boxes- Trade, Virgin, Bra/Panty, Topless, Jacket Nude and a numbered front Nude witrh a custom box, 6 books total.

Foil Box- Virgin, Bra/Panty, Topless, Jacket Nude and also a Numered Nude Foil plus a custom box, 5 books total.

Ship Date- I am hoping before Christmas but that will depend on Boxes. Hard Date 1st or 2nd week January 2024.

Just got an update on the Box order they are saying. 1/3/2024 to 1/9/2024 but We have had them come in sooner.


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Regular Paper Box, Foil Box, Trade, Virgin, Bra/Panty, Topless, Jacket Nude, Foil Virgin, Foil Bra/Panty, Foil Topless, Foil Jacket Nude, Metal Virgin, Metal Bra/Panty, Metal Topless, Metal Jacket Nude