Skyline 1, Mrs Kat Cover



Hey all New Release of my next book, “Skyline’ Super hero oriented. This is a Pre-order

Creator & Story- Rj Corriere,  Story & Interiors- Branden Sanderson,  Interior Colors- Katie Imbro,  Cover art- Sidney Augusto.

Print Count- Regular Paper Covers will be limited to 125 of each Cover, do to i will be also selling box sets which can be found in another location on this website. Foils will be limited to 20 of each cover they will be numbered Front,  Metals will be limited to 10 of each cover numbered front. There will be 3 publisher proofs of each cover printed #GC1-3, Specialty Covers will be numbered 1/1 there will be no retailers printed of them covers.

I will be ordering these next week 11/6/23 so allow 2/3 weeks after that for us to start shipping Regular Papers and foils, if you order Metals about 2 weeks after that. We will not ship any order until we can completely fill your order.

Update on Print there was an image overlap i am getting a few covers reprinted this shouldnt delay shipping to badily.

New update, Printer says i should be able to pick up the books that needed to be reprinted also the Metals Tomorrow 12/1/2023. I still will need to inspect them and bag and board but should begin shipping next week.

All books are in I still have to Bag and Board plus inspect what came in its alot of books, if all goes well I should be able to start shipping around Tuesday 12/5 2023

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Trade A, Virgin A, Bra & Panty A, Topless A, Nude A, Foil Virgin A, Foil Bra & Panty A, Foil Topless A, Foil Nude A, Metal Virgin A, Metal Bra & Panty A, Metal Topless A, Metal Nude A, Trade B, Virgin B, Bra & Panty B, Topless B, Nude B, Foil Virgin B, Foil Bra & Panty B, Foil Topless B, Foil Nude B, Metal Virgin B, Metal Bra & Panty B, Metal Topless B, Metal Nude B