Skyline 1, Mrs Kat, Box B



Hey all New Release of my next book, “Skyline’ Super hero oriented. This is a Pre-order

Creator & Story- Rj Corriere,  Story & Interiors- Branden Sanderson,  Interior Colors- Katie Imbro,  Cover art- Sidney Augusto.

There will be 25 Box B offered each will come with Trade, Virgin, Bra & Panty, Topless, Nude and a Specialty Topless Numdered Foil The Foil will be numbered from 1 to 25 and placed in box’s randomly and pulled randomly. I will also be placing a #1/1 Black light Metal into 2 of these boxes also it will be randomly and pulled same way. So you do have a chance in getting one of them. “THERE IS NO GAURANTEE’ that you will win one. so no complaining, you still did get an awesome box.

Books will be ordered 11/06/23. Boxes have been order, Anticpated time for ship around 1st or 2nd week December. We will not ship until we can complete you entire order.

Update on printing I am having to reorder a couple covers do to a image overlap this should only delay shipping maybe a few days.

New update, Printer says i should be able to pick up the books that needed to be reprinted also the Metals Tomorrow 12/1/2023. I still will need to inspect them and bag and board but should begin shipping next week.

All books are in I still have to Bag and Board plus inspect what came in its alot of books, if all goes well I should be able to start shipping around Tuesday 12/5 2023

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