PH Leashed Cosplay Box Sets



Cover- Sidney Augusto

Closeups Regular Limited to 100, Closeup Foils Limited to 20, Closeup Metals Limited to 20, Trade Limited to 350, Naughty Limited to 325, Naughty Legs Limited to 300, Full Naughty Limited to 275, Box Incentive Limited to 150, foils & Metals Limited to 20

Expected Ship time 1st Week May 2023

Update books are in just waiting on boxes all books should ship once we are back From Vegas Con, Boxes have been shipped and should be in by time we are back.

Additional information


Box Set, Closeup Nice, Closeup Nice Foil, Closeup Nice Metal, Closeup Topless, Closeup Topless Foil, Closeup Topless Metal, Trade, Trade Foil, Trade Metal, Naughty Topless Stockings, Naughty Topless Stockings Foil, Naughty Topless Stockings Metal, Naughty Legs, Naughty Legs Foil, Naughty Legs Metal, Full Naughty, Full Naughty Foil, Full Naughty Metal