Heroes Con Exclusive, Savage MJ, Gregbo Watson Artbook



Cover- Gregbo Watcon,  Colors- Gwenaelle Daligault

Nice- Limited 75 copies,  Topless Limited 75 Copies,  Foil Nice Limited 20 copies, Foil Topless Limited 20 Copies,  Metal Topless Limited to 10 Copies, 1/1 full metal Jacket Nice Limited 1 copy,  1/1 full metal jacket topless limited 1 copy,  1/1 Full metal jacket black light nice limited to 1 copy,  1/1 full metal jacket black light topless limited 1 copy,  1/1 Green glow in dark nice limited 1 copy,  1/1 green glow in dark topless limited to 1 copy.  Black light metals and glow in dark foils will not be available to ship till end of june 2023.

These will also be available at Gregbos Booth at Heroes con 2023 Booth number AA-2006 He will have very limited Quantities..


All Numbered Front so buy a set we will do our best to send matching numbers there is no gaurantee. Paper books are available to ship

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Nice, Topless, Nice Foil, Topless Foil, Metal Topless, Black Light Metal Nice #1/1, Black Light Metal Topless #1/1, Green Glow Dark Nice #1/1, Green Glow Dark Topless #1/1