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Cover- Dravacus

Print Run-  Trade 75 Copies,  Virgin 75 Copies,  Topless 75 Copies,  Naughty Thigh Highs 75 Copies, Total Naughty 75 Copies, Foil Virgin 25 Copies, Foil Topless 25 Copies, Foil Naughty Thigh High 25 Copies, Total Naughty 25 Copies, Metal Virgin 10 Copies, Metal Topless 10 Copies, Metal Naughty Thigh high 10 Copies, Total Naughty 10 Copies. Metal #1/1 Full Metal Jacket Virgin, Metal #1/1 Full Metal Jacket Topless, Metal #1/1 Full Metal Jacket Naughty Thigh High, Metal #1/1 Full Metal Jacket Total Naughty.    There will be 3 Retailer Proof of each Cover #GC1-#GC3 Except the 1/1’s there will be no retailers Printed. Full metal Jacket Means front and back covers are metal.

Anticipated time for shipping around 1st week of September 2023, Metals & Specialty Prints 2 weeks longer.

Update Paper covers are in we will start shipping them, Metals should be in next week.

We will ship outside the US please email us 1st for info.

Books will not ship until we can complete your whole order.

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Trade, Virgin, Topless, Nude Thigh High, Nude, Foil Virgin, Foil Topless, Foil Thigh High Nude, Foil Nude, Metal Virgin, Metal Topless, Metal Thigh High Nude, Metal Nude, #1/1 Full Metal Virgin, #1/1 Full Metal Topless, #1/1 Full Metal Thigh High, #1/1 Full Metal Nude